Apple faces more supply problems with seven manufacturing halts

Its products at three production plants are halting production due to the current COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the Chinese government, and two of the affected production companies, Pegatron and Quanta, are biting the tech giant’s iPhones and MacBooks, unsure of when they will return to work after this production halt. It will also temporarily discontinue Compal, a company that assembles iPads.

Pegatron, Successfully Introduced, Nikkei Asia said in Shanghai Expo, Resume, Resume,

Interact with Quanta’s production MacBook production since the beginning of April, with no hope of reopening in sight due to the recent wave of COVID-19 that has been signaling around the world.

Some repercussions

Technology shortages are rampant?

Production in a border situation for Pegatron could hit the market significantly as the company is responsible for 20% to 30% of its production, make estimates

Sign up for Quanta Group’s take on technology for MacBooks too, but not just Apple. The Shanghai manufacturer is not only involved in producing MacBooks, but also makes computers for Dell and HP, whose production is greatly felt.

Sending a new message to the last post in the latest version of the latest release due to COVID, there is no end in sight.

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