Everything you need to know about Elon Musk’s contractors because of Twitter

Billionaire Elon Musk is facing a lawsuit after buying more than 9% of the social media company’s shares.

Musk’s check after buying shares, stock prices from 27%

Musk faced a lawsuit filed by investors, who said that his delay in announcing the purchase of the shares of his contribution cost him money and saved him about 143 million dollars.

New York lawsuit papers that Musk was required to report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission within 10 days; Last March 26th, I held a 5% stake in Twitter.

As of this April 4th, I continued to comment on delay rates prior to the announcement.

Musk has not commented on the lawsuit yet.

Twitter CEO Paraj Agrawal had previously said that Agra Mask is joining the board of directors, even though he has become the largest participant in the company.

Agrawal wrote on Twitter: “A college residency in the council decided to hold a sabbatical in the council that was going to be official on April 9, but Elon dated on the same day that he joins the council.”

Agrawal said Twitter was still open to proposals from Musk.

It was announcing the appointment of Musk to its board of directors, one day after it announced that Musk had purchased a new share of the shares of the shares in the commercial contributions in the commercial contributions

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