How to turn your Android phone into a number photo frame?

If you have more photos in the Google Photos app than you know what to do, why not turn on your phone to view them? Simple steps, you can use the screen saver feature of your Android phone.

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Here’s how to turn your Android phone into a digital photo frame:

Go to Settings, then Display.

Click Advanced to reveal more menu options (if you need to) and select Screen saver.

Click the current screen saver icon of the Google Photos app.

The main screen saver has stopped.

Click the gear icon next to the current screen saver.

You can turn on or off the animated zoom effect.

Decide which photos the screensaver will show, choose your Google account to bring up a list of Google Photos albums. (You may also see a list of albums on your device) Put a check mark next to the ones you want to include.

Pause back to the previous screensaver page, previous, previous, startup, screensaver runtime – previous during loading or loading.

Look at the previous image, view over the previous (or preview) to see what it would look like.

the following:

Obviously the images with vertical makes better.

Choose the photos where the subject is in the middle, otherwise it will be cropped directly from the photo.

If you have a lot of landscape photos, turning off the Show photo screen option will help, but your photos will look very small on your screen.

The screensaver starts with the first photo in the album and continues to display for sale. If this seems a bit repetitive, you can create an album that updates automatically.

Here’s how to do it:

Start a new album in Google Photos In the app, you’ll tap on the first tab in the first part of the home screen the plus sign for a new album. Or choose an existing album by going to the Idea Collection Library tab.

Give your new album a title, and within that add photos, tap Select People & Pets.

Choose the email you want to include in the album.

Google automatically identifies them as they are uploaded to Google Photos and added to your album.

If you’re using an existing album, tap the three dots in the top corner, select Options, Add photos automatically, tap the plus sign who you want to include. Also select Add existing photos if you want.

For new image science, images that appear when you start the screensaver are starting to appear.

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