Roscosmos: Suspension of cooperation with us will not lead to the launch of the Luna-25 probe

You will comment on the space projects on the Arab lunar satellite, on the launch dates of the “Luna-25 .” probeThis was stated by the official statement on behalf of the space organization “Roskosmos”, Dmitry Stovets.

Except for what the website says.RTProbe launch date.

marine environment Pilot-D To be used after the Luna-27 probe. oil export terminal“.

And Dmitriy Strogovits advised his fellow European ambassadors before taking punitive measures.

The European Space Agency has announced its suspension Luna-25 “,” Luna-26 “,” Luna-27 “the Lunar on the background of the military operation carried out by the Russian army in Ukraine.

It is noteworthy that the first Russian lunar mission after 1972 is planned to be carried out in 2022, and it will be followed by the Luna-25, Luna-26, Luna-27 and Luna-28 missions.“.

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