How do you do it .. How to install a tweet in Twitter Space

The method of conducting voice conversations is saved in place Twitter spacesappeared, played, played, played, and installed this package, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye,

How to Pin a Tweet in Twitter Space

can host Void Host, host, only, heir.

If you have joined Void And you want to share a tweet with the group, you need to ask permission to talk first.

Note, how to use it, click Go to Successful Copy.

1. Tap anywhere in the Twitter app outside a window Voidthe space at the bottom of the screen will be reduced.

2. Find the one you want to install.

Click on the picture you want, click on the picture you want with it.

How to unpin a tweet in Twitter Space

You can pin a tweet at the top of Voiddating back to the host.

1. In the window VoidIf you want to uninstall it, you may need to swipe to the right or left, if there is one installed.

2. Press X Top right time.

3. In the popup, confirm that you want to uninstall by clicking Remove.

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