Russia tests a new missile ship developed for the Pacific Fleet

Press service announced RT .

“The new missile ship Ryzhky of the Russian Amur plant in Vladivostok has left and headed towards the sea to undergo the first stage of motion tests,” a statement from the service said.

Within a few days of the complex, there is an entire air of marine equipment and supplies in the schooner, and it is rigged in the schooner, and it is a composite in a complete line of equipment.”

And “Ryzhky” is the fourth ship developed by the framework of the project 20380 Pacific Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Marine Ocean, the scheme for delivery to the Russian Navy before the date of the celebration of Victory Day in the country this year.

Within the framework of Project No. 20380, Russia is developing warships with a length of 100 m each, and their displacement Ridot Air defense missiles, 100-mm guns, light and medium, and anti-ship and anti-submarine torpedo launch systems.

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