The Russians are designing a hydrogen engine for a multi-use rocket has moved to a new position in the hydrogen flight design project for Russia’s promising single-stage and multiplexed missile, RT reports.

Vice President of South Ural State University, Independence, Scientific and Technical Programs, Sergiolin, said that the solution of the alternative, the commissioning, the commissioning of the first converter for professionals was achieved last October 1.

Take part in the following example: “An alliance that has successfully passed.”

It is reported that the hydrogen carrier includes the launch of a single-stage rocket launch that will be used more than once to launch satellites.

The most prestigious Vice-Chancellor of the University The work on the realization of the project is a legitimate project in my project of Southern Ural State University “Ma-conditioning” of missiles in Moscow “Semikhatov” Scientific University of Automatics in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

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