The United States warns of metabolic programs that suffer from the truce of critical infrastructure

The United States remains on high alert for cyber attacks against critical infrastructure, reports engorged.

Located Take Crunch To the State Security Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs controlled by researchers Mandiant ,

More Omron And Schneider Electric which are frequently used for industrial automation.

Neither the government nor the Mandiant were attributed controlled to a specific country or piracy.

The drivers are “in line” with Russia’s past efforts and “historic interest” in exposing its industrial control systems to management.

He said the program was complex enough to require extensive software development experience. A single component, research tool that provides a detailed look at control and production processes.

The timing of the alert is hard to ignore. .

The US State Department indicted government offices over the years from the public sector. The response also comes a year after a series of attacks against US seaplanes such as colonial pipeline And JBS likely to be superimposed by criminologists.

No matter who is responsible, there is no direct protection against controlled at present.

And in their warning, and US officials, America common security security such as multi-factor authentication and password changes frequently to reduce chances of intrusion.

While being responsible for projects, companies, institutions, subsidiaries and their applications in the near future.

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