A French court revokes the Starlink Internet license for SpaceX.. know why

France’s highest court has rescinded Musk’s leave of absence SpaceX Providing Internet services in the country starlink and decided, e-commerce, e-commerce, ArcepGrant SpaceX Licensing in February 2021 without first public consultation.

Except for what the website says.VoidAmbient environment, Ambient environment, Ambient environment are two ecological environments.

His ruling in the works, the bulk of the license mostly to the argument SpaceXwhich bears the address and satellites, and that sends satellite aircraft and communications services, which operate under the persistence of the atmosphere in the future, will adversely affect atmospheric airmail.

Each other said in a report: “This could upset the balance.

compete starlink Satellite Provider and European Launch Provider Arianespace and manufacturers of radio network equipment and telephone operators.

will have to Arcep Comply with the decision and review the request SpaceXThe regulator has now called on the public to file their objections to the lawsuit, May 9.

defend Arcep For his previous decision, claiming that operations starlink It will not have a significant impact on the market and will not appear on its exhibition fairs.

And he said Arcep In the statement: “The bandwidth in question could already be an expression of representation in the satellite industry, creating a state of monopoly.”

A source familiar with the appeal told about license No. starlinkthat Arcep The EU gives you, corresponding, for additional terms, corresponding, for further additional terms.

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