Details of fines for Google and Wikipedia in Russia

A Russian court has threatened Internet giant Google and Wikipedia-owner Wikimedia alignment with fines for failing to remove what it described as a conflict settlement circuit in Ukraine, Reuters quoted the Interfax news agency as saying.

Russian Communications Monitoring Authority Thursday The Russian Interfax news agency had reported last March, the Russian Communications Regulatory Agency “Roskomnadzor”, had blocked the news service that provides the news service provided by Google, which is owned by a company that provides a postal service in Russia.

“We can confirm that some people are experiencing difficulty accessing the Google News app and site in Russia and that this is not related to any technical issues on our part,” Google said in a statement at the time. The statement: We have made every effort to keep information services like this available to those in Russia as long as possible.

Interfax reported that “Roskomnadzor” acted at the request of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office. The area containing false information and the mission of the Ukrainian Special Military Relations.

A new Russian law criminalizes covering any event that may discredit the Russian military.

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