How do you do it.. Learn how to change colors on your iPhone

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How to invert colors on an iPhone

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It may seem strange for some issues, but it seems permissible for those who have trouble reading bright screens.

Steps to follow to run it:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and scroll down to select Access.

2. Select width and text size.

3. Next list, right next list, right, right right, right next list.

• Smart Invert will only invert colors when you have an app open, and the Home screen and Lockscreen will mute the colors.

It also doesn’t look like any photos or videos, whether they’re saved on your phone, from an app, or on your camera.

Capture videos and photos, plus your camera.

4. Select one of the two options and it takes effect immediately.

How to set up inverted models

If you don’t need inverted colors all the time, use the accessibility option, shortcuts to quickly turn on and off.

This enables you to reverse colors by pressing the button three times on the side of your iPhone.

1. Open Settings Settings Option Access option again.

You can get to the bottom of the page at the bottom of the page directly below the page.

3. In the menu that opens, select Next Classic Reverse or Smart Flip from the list.

You can also select which one, if you do, it triple-presses the power button.

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