NASA shares stunning image of a shimmering Martian crater

The US space agency, NASA’s Mars Exploration Orbiter (MRO), and a statement from the US space agency, the agency, shared a statement.

According to RT, winters on Mars can be very cold, with temperatures near the poles rising to minus 195 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 125 degrees Celsius).

Mars crater

It can consist of a layer of carbon dioxide, or particles of carbon molecules.

By mid-winter, you can reach the planet’s mid-latitudes, or about 50 degrees latitude (in southern Canada’s latitude), as it begins to melt in the warm sun, NASA statement.

Small spots of frost on the front facing the pole.

The highest temperature The highest temperature

And the last HiRISE image of Mars’ southern hemisphere was taken, in the middle of winter. The image captures the crater of a volcano located from 37 degrees south latitude.


The image revealed the ice shaving each of the rings of each pair of abags.

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