Reports: Apple has started a model testing event for Macs with M2 chips

may pose apple Coming soon a new batch of computers Mac Powered by the next generation of its domestic chips. by Mark Gorman from Bloomberg .

The technology giant released a large-scale testing of at least nine models of devices Mac with four slices m 2 Different, making out to be a company apple Getting ready to shoot, but the timing was on hold apple It was dealt with by a third party from App Store The records of the developers of these applications give us the company’s upcoming PC suite.

Currently being governed by a device MacBook Air by slide m 2CPU and 10 graphics cores,

Arch previous reports to the device MacBook Air Major redesign, likely more vertical, window and charging MagSafeApparently, Apple is also testing two devices Mac slide-operated mini m 2 And M2 Pro in addition to a device MacBook Pro M2 For beginners with the same specifications as a device MacBook Air categorized by category.

and issued apple device just MacBook Pro 14″ and 16″ in October, but Gorman PC Trading Platform, 14″ and 16″ M2 Pro And M2 Max.

that M2 Max CPU and 38 graphics units, from 10 and 32 on current models. Finally, there is a device Mac Pro The new one that is said to be run by a successor M1 Ortla . Prepare M1 Ortla Recently launched, more powerful than mobile apple So far, this number is running Mac studio .

and warns Gorman It seems that the name of the company was named after the company MacBook Air And Mac mini New, plus MacBook Pro New for beginners sometime this year.

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