Russia and Belarus are about to sign an agreement to produce satellites of a new generation

The show from the Russian and Belarusian side began production of photographic satellite production.

An opportunity for what was reported by the “RT” website, this was announced by the Director General of the “Ros Cosmos” satellite corporation in an interview with the radio “Solovyov. Live”.

He said: “We started putting the photo Russia Russia, Russia, Russia, appearing in the second photo, the project and taking photographs A unique photograph with a resolution of 30 centimeters and the “Beleg” Foundation will participate

Rogozin explained that the Russian-Belarusian system will allow to see an object the size of an iPad tablet. A photographic image is not acquired but rather processed by algorithms, or rather photographic more specific descriptions on the images and decoded.

It is reported that the “Vostochny” space airport was discussed during the talks between the Russian and Belarusian, and Belarusian President Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko on space cooperation.

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