A hologram from virtual to spectral communication.. learn how

For example, communicating with others via a device that displays images in its three dimensions is not new, but this seems new, friend, friend, friend, and transforms spectral calls, reality holographic “into tangible, according to the Emirati statement.

And the company «Matsuko», starting with the creation of its creator, the researcher in the world of artificial intelligence in the world of intelligence, Matos, is one of a group of companies that are active

The company has developed, in accordance with the goal, to apply…

Reality is shown using augmented reality technology or immersed in hybrid reality glasses. ‘If these two years have shown us something,’ said Versikova, ‘if the two years have shown us something; That humans need the presence of the other.

And for example, I started to start the message after I started to implement big projects, after I started to implement big works, and implement big works. In a later discussion with him that their common skill could be adopting 3D hologram technology, which seems more realistic than talking to a computer screen.

And the percentage of interest in hologram technology after resorting to photography, photography, holographic reality of deceased musicians, during high-level concerts witnessed by the first closing ceremonies in London in 2012, and with the reduction of gravity, the graphic element, reality, the companies looking for Latif Beginning to stand out itself and its products.

The world is showing more interest, the “Entrepreneur” site for hologram conferencing options, providing a richer experience than that of traditional drinks And in three dimensions.

And inside the project, a brand is in the beta phase, and it won, but it’s just a fantasy.

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