How to mute annoying messages on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

Most of us are currently very active on apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, in Messenger anyone can text you, while it allows you to text you from your contact, if there are text messages or calls. , Hottest mute his conversations.

How to mute WhatsApp and Messenger chats to ignore messages and calls.

How to mute Messenger chats

Step 1: Open Messenger and find the chat you want to mute

Step 2: Tap on copy on that particular chat. There will be “Ignore Alerts” options on it.

Step 3: After that you will see options like mute message flags and mute call flags and messages and calls.

Step 4: You can schedule when messages and calls will be picked up on Messenger. For the unaware, this pushes Messenger this option to “ignore messages”.

You get the option when you click on the available options. Delivery notifications of sent messages. Just send a message to that person, then you can see the messages sent.

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