NASA allocates new electric cars to transport space to the moon rocket

NASA’s Artemis lunar astronauts will transition to a massive space rocket launch in a fleet of new electric crew transporters, as NASA’s future transport vehicles have been developed by Canoo Technologies of Bentonville, Arkansas, based on their electric, interaction-related versions.

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, when the Artemis II astronauts depart. Space Shuttle.

The Artemis Flight II is the second mission in the Artemis program and the first with a crew to fly a plane flying a plane flying a plane flying a plane flying Artemis to the moon and back.

Launch launch by NASA’s 323-foot Super Space Launch System (SLS) in May 2024, following this year’s crewless launch.

The crew divorced on a lunar surface flight before returning to Earth, showing they have traveled beyond Earth since Apollo 17 in 1972.

We got close to the latest news, the article that the mission launched before marriage.

It will take the constellation of the project Astronauts long time Joe Foundation backup copy of the following table the previous version General Aeronautics 39B Kennedy Space Foundation.

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