Hidden tricks in Gmail, including how to cancel a sent email .. Get to know them

Gmail is made with a simple interface, use, use, but there are a lot of brands you don’t see, and there are a lot of brands and hidden statuses to the Gmail experience, including unsend an email.

According to RT, more than 300 billion emails were sent daily in 2020, written, extended, and received on Google’s Gmail platform.

Gmail accounts for about 1.8 billion out of 5.6 billion email accounts, each account and more

Cancel sending an email

Space immediately wished to cancel it, and on Gmail, this is possible.

After sending an email, it will appear, a small box at the bottom left to right if you want to unsend: click go to click go after go,

And it appeared, and it appeared, the previous photo, the previous photo.

advanced search

It is a useful tool for editing more texts from your inbox.

Icon Access Tool Click the icon in the mailbox.

You can even narrow down your search for an email by searching for the words it contains.

Color coding for important messages

Starred messages put the most important email messages in a separate folder.

More on color-coded stars.

Activate more color options by going to Settings, scrolling down the “General” tab, and dragging more options to the “In use” section.

clever typing

Suggestions from Google are a boon to learning who write in traditional office language.

Once the phrase begins, the rest of the phrase will come up in a sentence, saving you keystrokes and time.

or turn off the settings. Google accepts comments on how to improve the quality of phrases in Handwriting.

custom inbox

Gmail’s default layout is fairly basic to appeal to the masses.

Painted and painted in design, vision and vision of their own.

A chance to get a chance to get a chance to get a chance to get a chance to get a mailbox.

secret mode

Emails can be made to disappear, like Snapchat.

Set the expiration date on a private email by clicking the padlock icon near the send button.

silent conversation

Muting a thread that receives excessive replies can save the trading platform timeout.

It’s a simple feature – but it has a bit to do with it.

To activate it, check the box to the left of the email you received and an options bar will appear at the top.

Tap the three dots to bring up the menu, and select Mute for some quiet emails.

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