How to do it.. How to connect an Xbox One controller to a Mac in steps

It is not easy to play video games on a device MacNot all games have support, and devices tend to Mac Use of this graphic controller Macincluding the controller X-Boxbut you prefer to wired connection via cable Micro USB.

Except for what the website says.interested in tradeAlso present to install 360ForemanOnce you do that, you can use the controller Xbox One Your device, or your controller Xbox 360.

How to connect an Xbox controller to a Mac

1. Go to github And do the latest 360 . driverForeman Device Mac Click on a file.dmg.

2. Install the 360 ​​. driverForeman By opening the file.dmg Downloaded then follow the steps Next Click Activity Next.

3. Restart your computer, press the logo apple at the top of the screen and select System Preferences.

4. Click on the controller icon Xbox 360.

5. Crop the image from a volume X-Box device Mac via cable Micro USB to me USBor via cable Micro USB to me USB-C . portdepending on how recent the device is Mac.

6. A picture of the controller will appear Xbox 360 The dropdown at the top of the page should read, Console Xbox One ( ) counter.

After that, you started playing your favorite games on your device Mac used a controller X-Box your own.

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