A technical expert reveals 3 signs that your iPhone cable is killing you

A TECH safety expert has urged an “iPhone” user to remain vigilant about “dodgy charging cables,” according to a Sky News Arabia report.

Giuseppe Cabana, the Electrical Safety Association, cautioned that charging cables are sold very cheaply.

Speaking to the British newspaper “The Sun” this week, he shared the hand that shows that your gadget can be a death trap. Cabana said: “Counterfeit iPhone chargers are intentionally designed to look identical or identical to the original product in order to zoom in.

The majority of counterfeit products consist of poor quality components endangering the buyer, “”pose a particularly insidious threat to the consumer, undermining, and legitimate retailers, while in many of them pose a risk of hazard, electrical hazard or even electrocution.”

Counterfeit iPhone cables fall into two categories: incompatible imitations. A counterfeit product is referred to as a cheap product.

Not allowed, made by third-party companies, the maker of the iPhone.

All in all, if you buy a cheap cable from a reputable Apple certified retailer, the product is safe. I found the fake cables again. An investigation by ESF previously found that up to 98% of counterfeit Apple cables were compromised.

Either you bought a charging device from a discount store or an online marketplace and were not sure if it showed up on the chart above.

1. Check the packaging and cable If you purchased a charging cable from a third-party seller, make sure it is Apple certified by looking at the accessory’s packaging. View information from the third party about to connect to a transmitter for iPhone, iPad, iPhone, iPad).

The crafts were sold to that area, but the imitations became more sophisticated.

They tend to be a good fit and a good role model. So, you can test the plug pins for signs of a counterfeit product.

Cabana said: “The performances we had and the rules we followed.

This video is a holographic image covered in metal, the image is solid metal in its prime, and it is easy enough.

The finishing touches are shown on the plug shell, while the fakes are ecological products, while the fakes are

Cabana explained that the “finish is usually glossy or glossy imperfections.”

3. WEIGHT, SHAPE AND DIMENSIONS The spokes weight and the pins are the original Apple product. The pins may be the wrong size or shape.


The plug pins could be in the USB, the plug pins could be in a different location, the easiest way is to use an electrical safety check tool first.”

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