Elon Musk: I don’t own a house and I live in my friends’ spare bedrooms

Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, revealed that he doesn’t own a home and sleeps most often in his friends’ spare bedrooms, andMusk, who has an estimated net worth of $269.5 billion, explained: “I don’t even have a place right now, I’m literally staying at friends’ homes.“.

Banned: Whenever there are Tesla factories, I already move between friends’ spare bedrooms“7.YourkoworkYourkowork

Despite the surprising lifestyle of the founder Tesla And SpaceX the billionaire tech mogul revealed the only luxury he indulges in.

When answering a question about the disparity in wealth in the United States between ordinary Americans and billionaires like him, Musk said, “Sure, it would be hard for you to find in public life, but that’s not the case.”

The only exception is, it is as if it were, : “If he uses the plane, he will have hours to work“.

In May 2020, Musk tweeted, “I’m selling all physical homes, I won’t own any.”

On the other hand, the sudden show sparked the expression of his organization, I knew him, I knew him, I knew him, I knew him, I knew him, I knew him, I knew him For a company quoted by the UAE statement.

And the world’s richest man wants to continue “show” to make the platform exclusive to freedom of expression, he says. Musk said in a meeting that getting more phone calls from.

So, I guess we’ll have to wait for these forbidden solutions for a long time.”

And the board of directors is studying “adopting” a measure that protects the company from hostile creation offers, according to the “Bloomberg” news agency, quoting informed sources, at an offer airport that was not welcomed by the American billionaire Elon Musk to inquire about it. Sources One of the options under discussion is the adoption of

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