Learn how to use the new auto-delete timer feature in Telegram

Telegram has had the option to send ephemeral messages in seasonal chat mode since 2013.

What has been updated again. In addition, unlike the previous version, you are not required to delete chat history on Android.

Before using these instructions, make sure your Telegram app is up to date.

Here’s how to deal:

Open the Telegram app on your phone.

Go to the chat for which you want to activate the automatic deletion option.

Click on the contact banner.

Click on the three dots menu. This is available in the top corner of the update on iOS.

Tap on Enable Auto Delete (iOS) / Auto Delete (Android) option, and select a specific timer.

You can also select the time frame, which is from one day to one year.

This option is enabled, all your future messages within the conversation will be deleted automatically after the specified time.

The right choice.

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