Secure encrypted global measurement measurement

The Eurasian Times benchmark that researchers searching in Beijing lost a record search-dedicated space (QSDC) record of 102.2 kilometers (64 miles), breaking the previous mark of 18 miles (11 miles), according to an engadged report.

Reading hits a transmission result of 0.54 bits per second, but still goes up to 51,050 shot and phone calls at a distance of 30 kilometers (19 miles), as heads in nature can eventually lead to a penetrating connection, Any attempt to eavesdrop on a quantum line can be immediately detected.

QSDC Principle of entanglement to secure, and quantum physics dictates that particles entangled with each other, doing each other by measuring it, some will change instantly as well – making hacking impossible.

On the other hand, the data on the back side.

The same research team found the previous record for the fiber, and created a “new physical design with a new protocol” distance distance.

And they simplified it with environmental decontamination, long stabilization, and long stabilization, to compensate for environmental activism.

See the channel that makes it impossible to encrypt encrypted messages…over fiber is possible with current technology.”

Researchers in China conducted a secure quantum satellite call, the fiber poses a different set of different challenges, and Long said: “The connection is more secure.

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