Facebook introduces new features to outperform Clubhouse.. Get to know them

In his position to outpace the Clubhouse platform, Facebook announced audio products that rippled in plain hue, as “Soundbites” are short, creative audio clips for capturing inspiration moments, poems and other things.

From the beginning At the beginning of the first year From the beginning From the beginning From the beginning At the beginning From the beginning The beginning of the beginning at the beginning. Sound buds s for early comments about trying out the new product.

Currently, more than 170 million people are linked to hundreds of thousands of podcast pages on Facebook, and more than 35 million people are members of fan groups about podcasts, and so far, have been on the Facebook app apps to listen to audio songs.

background music player

“We will also begin testing live audio rooms and expect them to be available to everyone on the Facebook app in the summer,” Simo said. Facebook.

The company is also planning to release live audios on Messenger this summer, and the company said it’s building a suite of new audio creation tools.

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