How can Android TV 13 make TVs more efficient?

Some notable changes are expected to be added to the Android TV 13 operating system as Google prepares to announce the upcoming operating system for smart TVs, and according to an XDA developers report, Android 13 will include a new “low power standby” designed for Android TV devices.

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It is also scheduled to start working in this new session to add bandwidth usage and reduce power consumption in the smart app, it will check the apps, it will make sure the apps are running in this mode, the running will be temporarily blocked from running apps, apart from the low power mode, Android 13 will also upgrade Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode.

And PiP mode is already included in Android TV where you can start experimenting with the mode with an aspect ratio, default 1.777778:1, suitable for displaying 16:9 content, developers can create PiP windows with an aspect ratio of less than 2:39 or greater From 2.39:1 depending on their preference.

Chance to get more

There was a new activity method in Android 13 made to make “both windows clear” as it was able to handle the PiP box next to the main activity.

Traditionally, Google releases a new version of Android TV two months after the launch of the alpha running the latest Android TV based operating system. In 2021, Google releases Android TV 12, a month after the company unveiled new Pixel phones running Android 12.

Android TV 13 is expected to be announced in November if the tech giant is on the schedule last year, most companies take their time to roll out a new build of Android TV after its latest TV platform. Before you can see these new features.

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