How do you do it? How to join Twitter Space on PC

To keep running, create, create, create, produce, produce, produce, by frames, by frames, you can build frames in space.

How to join Twitter Space on PC

Appointment, of the UN, is a decade, say, for example to space, and I have several ways to send the link:

• By invitation: When setting up the space, it is allowed to post the invitations to the host.

• With Tweet: After the space starts, the host can tap Share with Tweet to share the space in a post.

• Can send a direct message or a link: After starting the space, the host can press the link of the reference page group invite via direct message, link, share via … link space with individual users.

If the host sent you an invite or direct message, look for it in the Messages tab of the Twitter website.

Click the Share Tweet link to join the Twitter Space.

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