Opinion polls in WhatsApp groups

WhatsApp has recently announced its cover shoot, signed podcasts and other features an airline announced soon with upcoming updates.

Scientific drawing survey and scientific research drawing has been searched in beta versions of iOS and Android. .

According to the report, if you do not vote for the option in the poll, you will be able to see the poll question in a sequential message with options, to vote, you will have to select the option and click on the “Vote” button, once you vote, your choice to participate in the group will be shared, the report indicates that the polls The general options, the available options and your answer are all end-to-end encrypted.

Some options that can be displayed for the survey.

Have a good chance to have a chance to have a good chance to have a chance to have a chance to have a chance to have,

So far, the option to conduct an electoral sponsorship survey.

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