Apple Music now offers DJ mixes in spatial sound.. learn how

Audio is available!

This game offers DJ in Dolby Atmos that promises to be a fun experience.

An initiative kicks off with One Mix, art legend Jeff Mills’ group as well as 15 Boiler Room groups from stars like Boys Noize and The Blessed Madonna.

Expect more Expect more

And Apple did not bother the future artist, promising the “best DJ” from the world of dance and electronic music.

Spatial audio is only enabled automatically for AirPods and some Beats headphones,

And it’s no surprise to see Apple expand Atmos support for mix-and-scratch mixes, and spatial audio is a selling point for Apple Music and AirPods of course but official artists and some of the bunch have embraced surround sound.

And in theory, you’re more likely to keep your Apple Music membership knowing that your favorite DJ might result in a mix of Atmos on competing services.

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