Hubble celebrates its 32nd birthday with a wonderful gravitational “dance” between 5 galaxies

A unique picture A unique picture, a snapshot of processes in the early universe, on behalf of Hubble officials Statement that the five galaxies, known as Hickson Compact Group (HCG) 40, are in the process of merging into a single entity, a process that will be completed in about a billion years from now on.

A project, according to “RT”, officials published the image to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the telescope, a sighting that falls on Sunday (April 24), and the image is part of the Hubble Space Telescope’s long work in studying the evolution of the galaxy.

“Studying groups like HCG 40 helps astronomers learn about how galaxies form,” the Hubble team said.

The result of high temperatures appears in the long temperature (52).

The overall image of the cluster is 300 million years from Earth, tightly packed in the region of the beginnings of space from space, the stellar disk of our galaxy, the Milky Way.

And although some volumes appear in 100 compressed galaxy clusters; .

Hubble officials wrote: “One explanation is that there is a lot of dark matter – an unknown and invisible form of dark matter – an unknown and invisible form of basic matter – interconnecting galaxies, linking them together, while being their database, they represent a table In the dark core material, you feel the force of resistance due to gravity.

Studying the details of galaxies in such clusters helps astronomers know when and where galaxies cluster.

on April 24, 1990 in an effort to better understand the universe.

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