Starlink Satellite Internet Journey

Delta Air Lines said in an interview that the company had held talks with SpaceX and conducted “exploratory tests” of Starlink’s internet technology for its planes for the Wall Street Journal.

The image was previously showing an earlier rendering.

And SpaceX President Elon Musk tweeted in the same period last year that Starlink aircraft antennas should be ready for every type of aircraft. Are companies focusing on dishes for the 737 and A320 planes that will serve the largest number of people?

Hoeffler Hoeffler Aircraft Quest at the 2022 Satellite Conference, Ireland, AIRPANT, AIRPANT, AIRPANT, Ireland

It also indicates that it is allowed in their homes.

For aircraft, cars and other types of moving vehicles.

And two months later, thank you for another FCC communication that SpaceX will be testing.

For example, a health mark in the field of satellite communications J.J. SpaceX accreditation.

Implementing enforcement actions with airlines to operate on their terminals, while more established competitors take action to carry out their services.

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