A study reveals what happens when you reduce the time you use your phone for one hour

Study study that your white smartphone one hour a day makes you feel satisfied human well-being.

Law, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, previous studies that the use of the phone.

Dr. Julia Bryullovskaya and her team wanted to determine if she was actually beautiful.

They hired 619 people for their study and divided them into three groups, and in total, setting 200 people aside over the course of the week, reduced the time you used to reuse one hour per day, and didn’t change 193 people.

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Complete abstinence group.

She interviewed all participants about their lifestyle habits and well-being immediately after, after one and four months, how many cigarettes they smoke per day, how satisfied the person is with their life, what they show signs of anxiety or depression, down to the results.

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