Earth Day .. Celebrates the Anniversary of the Climate Crisis صور

Today, Google celebrates Earth Day 2022, and has shared a set of time-lapse satellite images showing the dramatic impact of climate change on our planet..

Marked viewer glaciers in Victoria USA, between March and May 2016.


Holds a set of images on the home page of the libraries of the libraries, texts, texts, texts, texts, texts, texts, forms, designs, designs, Wael, .

“Poets logo is the first logo in email,” Google said in a blog post.

The shape of the earth in 2020 and its shape in 1995
The shape of the earth in 2020 and its shape in 1995

the great Barrier Reef
the great Barrier Reef

Using follow-up photos in real time Google Earth Timelapse And other sources, doodles show the impact of climate change across four different regions of our planet.

chest The Google Also new research today, revealed that people in the UK are taking steps to live more sustainable lives.

Contrasting pictures Google’s fun Watch Episode 2021 starkly with animation, party, party, party.

Pictures shared by google
Pictures shared by google

Consultant Leslie Hughes, a professor of biology at Macquarie University in Sydney, told The Guardian that this could be for a report IPCC The latter, who warned of a short and rapidly closing window of opportunity to limit global warming to 2.7°F (1.5°F) by 2100.

She said: “Our biological and biological sciences are changing before our eyes and this is confirmed by the pictures.“.

a report IPCC published earlier this month, found that global greenhouse gases peak before 2025 at the latest..


Meanwhile, I’d like the same time you’re looking at the third third of your searches in 2030 and roughly by 2050.

As in this field, the business and environmental adoption of the business functional factor is 5.7°F (3.2°C).

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