Google removes all call recording apps from its Play Store starting May 11

Recent reports revealed that Google decided to remove external third-party call recording applications on Android smartphones, and as of May 11, application developers will not be able to provide the call recording feature through third-party applications.

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What does this mean for Android operating system Android

This means that the two built-in call recording smartphones and tablets running smartphones will be able to record calls after May 11, however, new policy changes, only on third-party applications.

If you want to save calls, that means you can make phone calls.

The search giant has been searching for call recording on Android devices for some time, it has blocked real-time call recording on Android 6 and has also restricted recording calls via microphone on Android 10.

However, call recording apps in use the service to access calls on Android 10 and later, and Google also explained the policy changes at its developer seminar.

Shown on the following image: “Get a chance to reach up to the audio stream, go on through the mail”

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