Life on Mars would be dangerous and difficult

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk warned that the first astronauts to reach Mars must be strong and prepared for a difficult and cramped environment, a difficult and cramped environment and a lot of hard work, happy, that it would be a planter of hearts, and in the beginning at least to be luxurious.

Real estate investment according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, its goal of making you a multi-planetary type of humanity, including the development of a strategy to colonize Mars by 2050.

The first humans published this decade.

Life is dangerous, cramped, difficult, and hard work, Musk told Anderson, and Musk estimates a one-way ticket to the Red Planet would cost first-generation astronauts $100,000, starting at the date he described it as “affordable starting people.”

When operations begin, the project plan is for 1,000 ships, launching in batches every year until 2030 and 2040, each with 100 or more pilots.

He reported large planes, and that’s what prompted him to pay $100,000 per plane.

Musk compares the picture to draw people to the place of residence on the perilous journey she experienced on a perilous voyage in the 20th century to Antarctica, describing it

The average surface temperature of Mars is -80 degrees Fahrenheit, no breathable atmosphere, toxic soil and exposure to radiation, harsher than the environment.

future predicament.

Inside, a space suit.

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