SpaceX launches a new batch of Starlink satellites

On the other hand, the American company “SpaceX” on Thursday, April 21st, will launch a “Falcon 9” rocket with a new batch of small-sized satellites, and 53 small satellites will work within the “Starlink” satellite network.

A missile launch was reported by the launch site of 11 other missiles from June 30, 2020, when a missile was launched for military astronautics. The first stage of the “Falcon 9” rocket landed 9 minutes after the missile was launched on a floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean, 650 km from South Carolina.

It is noteworthy that the “Star Link” satellites are dedicated to securing the satellite Internet thanks to the deployment of a large number of satellites weighing up to 500 kg in the Earth’s orbit.

The company is expected to launch 11,000 satellites, which will cost it $10 billion. The company says that it will prevent the guarantee of Internet speed by one envelope per second.

In 2019, Ma has produced about 2,335 satellites, of which approximately 2,067 are operating in Earth’s orbit. As for the rest of the satellites, they broke down or went out of orbit, a technical indicator.

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