What is the difference between the different ways to connect bluetooth headphones to your Mac?

You can connect headphones or the new Mac Edition white headphones to your new Mac Edition computer, according to business insider.

There are several ways to collect videos from the Bluetooth software, make sure the Bluetooth device is turned on.

Connect Bluetooth headphones to your Mac in System Preferences

1. Open System Preferences on your Mac and select Bluetooth.

2. Turn on bluetooth on the other side, if it is not on now.

3. On the right side of the (Bluetooth) window, and under “Various terminals will appear.”

If she wants to delete your files, you’ll need to make her want to run a semi-complete program.

4. Select the headphones you want to connect.

5. The first time you call their names, you are connecting to some Bluetooth company. After pairing has been done once, the connection should be automatic.

Connecting Bluetooth headphones to your Mac through Control Center

1. In the menu bar at the top of your Mac screen, click on Control Center and select the Bluetooth icon.

2. Click on Headphones from the list of available Bluetooth devices.

Connect a Bluetooth headset to your Mac using a menu bar shortcut

1. In the menu bar at the top of your Mac screen, tap on the Bluetooth icon and select the headphones you want to pair from the drop-down list.

2. A second menu will appear, choose Connect.

3. Bluetooth icon is gray with four black dots in the area, copy data into the battery, tap the drop-down menu, and it will tell you, low charge transactions.

4. From the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar, you can also turn Bluetooth on and off, or select Open Bluetooth Preferences, which opens the Bluetooth page in System Preferences.

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