Apollo 16 photos recreated to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the penultimate moon landing

NASA astronauts John Young, Charles Duke and Thomas Mattingly touched down on the moon 50 years ago, and to celebrate the anniversary, iconic images from the penultimate moon landing have been repainted by RT.

The result of Apollo 16 was the second among three “C missions”

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 16, Andy Saunders, photography specialist and author of the upcoming book Apollo Remastered, restored and improved the images that appear on the crew during their 11-day mission.

It includes pictures showing the horizon of the moon, the rising of the earth, family photos of astronauts sitting on the lunar regolith, and the “giant leap” by John Young.

Apollo Remastered is due to be released in September, before the 50th anniversary of the final mission, in December of this year.

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Composite image of the lunar module, the Lunar Module.

The crew effectively lived and worked on the moon for three of the 11 days of the mission’s duration, the rest spent traveling.

Some amazing pictures, and captioned it on social media under the username AndySaunders_1.

And the Apollo 16 mission was not a problem, and after reaching lunar orbit, the lunar module (LM) separated from the command module (CSM), the command module command Matin noticed a problem with the main SPS engine in the command module, it would be expected to launch perfectly to return them to ground.

In the four hours it took, observing the tasks, to assess the problem and determine if an abortion would fail, Mattingly at CSM and John Young and Charlie Doke at LM had to visually keep the station. And they helped each other save each other. This led to an unusual image – showing the CSM satellite currently flying over the surface of the Moon.

Exception search for Apollo Remastered, the stunning image.

Saunders has previously shared images of past Apollo missions, as well as Glenn’s first historic Earth orbit capsule.

The fifth episode on the moon earned her the third episode and the general tourism felt like trying to jump as high as possible, unnecessarily of course – these moments were captured in an electronic photograp where Commander John Young performed a “jump salute” to his picture with the American flag and the lunar module.

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