Elon Musk has confirmed the news of Bill Gates’ scheme about “Tesla”

The billionaire confirmed, the new, the holder, the new, the holder, the billionaire, the holder, the new, the holder.

As illustrated by the leaked conversations in Bill Gates, via his short sale of shares of the electric car maker.

According to Sputnik, when investors sell shares, they are betting that the price of the asset will fall.

In previous years, to answer him, Gates: “Sorry I didn’t close it.

Your library, Musk responded to the Microsoft founder: “Sorry, I can’t take your philanthropy seriously. You have a massive short against Tesla, the company in its effort to contribute to solving climate change.”

Elon Musk was forced to confirm his leaked conversation with Bill Gates, after one of the tweeters posted it on “Twitter”, and asked him personally whether those leaks were real or not.

Musk explained to the tweeter that he is shutting down conversations with the American newspaper, “The New York Times,” likely his friends’ friends who did this.

After that, complete the acting process multiple times, if this is done.

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