Meta asks Instagram users to stop clips from Tik Tok on reels

Meta is urging Instagram users to stop posting tik videos to the short video platform Reels, expressing their desire to focus on original content, give creators the aid that points to growth straight to the reels, and there are a number of new changes to the platform, and the design to have it in mind. on the creators.

According to the newspaper “Daily”, it was shown in the 1986 season.

Instagram is also working on brands to sell, not just influencers and select highlights.

Instagram will focus now, Mosseri said, indicating that they are successful and are getting the recognition they deserve.

In August 2020, the launch of Talk’s growing dominance in the video market, and now works across Instagram and Facebook.

“People who express themselves are the heart of Instagram, which is what the platform does,” Mosseri said in a video of the update.

Mosseri explained that improved people tags are a big change, as he will be able to ensure their identity is recorded and displayed appropriately.

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