OnlyFans temporarily stops services for Russian creators

Motherboard reports that OnlyFans has temporarily suspended accounts and payments to its Russian creators.

UK-based action has been taken – so far – one of the few Western tech companies to keep its door open on the matter, but you can roll out tentatively to Russian content creators in February, and quickly recalculates that full functionality will be available “as long as ways Pay to support them.

But it seems that stricter payment restrictions have forced OnlyFans to do so.

OnlyFans has been creative first for the past month

Users could have properly served the Creators Community.

Prepare to launch If received, we’ve asked affected creators to contact,

It’s not clear if it shows up in a message, except that if I get the chance to get their account and pay for basic services, Engadget has reached out to clarify, will update if we hear back.

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Visa, Paypal, American Express and Mastercard have halted operations in the country, making it impossible to get foreign payments sent.

It means banning the world’s largest commercial Swift files.

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