Playing ads within PlayStation games soon.. Find out the details

A recent report that Sony is planning to introduce in-game ads in free PlayStation games, this new monetization path is to help developers make more income, start more

The viewpoint of the software developer program.

There is no doubt that implementing in-game advertisements will help developers monetize only within the context of advertisements in the list where publishers are promoting their games on the PlayStation Store.

In addition, Sony is also streaming video ads via OTT apps, and sources revealed that Sony has yet to adopt what the developers’ total revenue stream is from GDP.

In-game ads are expected to reach PlayStation by the end of 2022, and according to his announcement, the ads are being placed directly inside PS games and will be sold via a private market.

According to the report, the placement of ads shown on it to display ads, ads placed on it to display ads displayed in the game, the company’s plans for multiple forms of ads such as watching videos will give some ads shown in the game, etc.

For exporters, there have also been reports of Microsoft working on the income format. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadvertising is somewhat complex.

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