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Scientists from Beijing Institute of Technology reviewed the latest technology, a four-legged mouse robot, the amount of SQuRo, bending, standing, walking, crawling and rotating, like a real rat, can also carry a load equal to 91% of its real weight.

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Mice are adept at compressing tight spaces thanks to their slender, elongated bodies and agility To develop SQuRo, he studied rats’ bodies and movements, building a long, flexible vertebral, like a real animal.

Their final end product can make various movements such as crouching to stand, walking, crawling, rotating, and can even recover after a fall.

The SQuRo was able to pass through a standard 3.5-inch-wide aisle during tests, cross a 1.1-inch-high obstacle, and climb out of practical 15-degree operations.

He explained that: “SQuRo can move steadily even after carrying a load equal to 91% of its weight, demonstrating its superior net party load compared to small size quadrupoles.”

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