EU agrees to internet rules for Google, Facebook and other tech giants

The European Union and European Union lawmakers reached an agreement on Saturday on new rules to monitor and send them.

The agreement came more than 16 hours after the Digital Services Act (DSA) is the second prong of the European Union’s antitrust strategy Margrethe Vestager to rein in the Alphabet unit Google, Meta and other US tech giants.

DSA Agreement: Digital Services Act, deal with you, not with you on the network.

DSA terms, companies face fines of up to 6% of their global sales for violating common rules

The new rules ban ads to children or that are based on sensitive data such as religion, gender, race and political views, and distribute dark patterns, tactics that mislead people for personalized online ads.

Companies face an annual fee of 0.05% of revenue upwards for changing their business practices in Europe.

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