How to do it.. How do you know how much data is used on FaceTime

FaceTime uses a lot more data than other apps, very few things available, video frequency, which allows FaceTime to use a lot of mobile data on FaceTime, the easiest is to connect to Wi-Fi before making calls, this way you start streaming video with Wi-Fi, not your cellular plan.

If you want to run the camera driver, it is called oil driver to run the camera driver.

How to check the data used by FaceTime

the released files are in the following folder, and for the current and last lukewarm periods in their files.

Open the Settings app and tap on Cellular near the list, scroll down to the list of all your apps and find FaceTime in the list, under the name of the app, you’ll see the amount of data in this period.

You can also tap the switch next to the app to toggle using cellular data or not, then turn off FaceTime, or turn on calls unless you connect to Wi-Fi first.

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