Space Agency Space Astronauts Day and reveals the upcoming cooperation

The image has been deleted from the general manager and general manager in the implementation of space projects.

The environment, according to “RT”, came in a video congratulatory message Rogozin sent to outer space in the design of Chinese space decorations on April 24 of each year.

He said, “The Cosmos Cosmos (Russian Space Agency) highly values ​​China’s cooperation in the field of space activities… on my own behalf and on behalf of Asia in the space field… On my own behalf and on behalf of the Republic of China in the Russian space year, I extend my congratulations in Japanese.”

Rogozin recalled the 52 years since the launch of the first Chinese satellite Dongfanghong-1, period: “The past period is dark, China began to achieve amazing results and became?

On his part, Russian Ambassador Andrey Denisov stressed on Sunday that Russia is looking forward to developing active cooperation with China in the aviation and space sector and will contribute to the implementation of joint projects in this field.

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