Hackers hack T-Mobile systems to get its source code

Hacking group $Lapsus stole T-Mobile’s source code in a series of breaches that occurred in March, Krebs reported on security for the first time.

It contains other sensitive information similar to “T-Mobile”.

In previous versions of Krebs, which it acquired from T-Mobile the week before the arrest of seven of its members. Then, using the company’s internal resources—such as Atlas, T-Mobile’s customer management system—transfer email, email, resellers, email sellers, and contact site vendors.

This is the journey from the attack to the mobile phone route of a target by transmitting his number to a device owned by the attacker. It is possible to get phone calls to get phone calls, including to get multi-function authentication calls.

And Message for Messages, ePacked, and MOD. It has been reinforced in office.

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