How to access Google Lens features in Chrome on desktop

Google is working on integrating Google Lens into its apps and services, and the company has already integrated it into the Google Chrome app for Android, iOS, etc.

I finally got an improvement in the Google Chrome browser, it has been developed, and recently with Chrome it gives you the ability to reverse an image and extract text and translate it as well, in addition to many capabilities.

If you are looking for a place to force find Google Lens,

Download it and install the latest version of the latest version

Chrome update, next steps:

1. First, open any website and go to a web page with a picture.

2. Right mouse click on it and then mouse click on it.

3. It will redirect you to the Google Lens page automatically.

On the page, you can select the options – search, text and translation.

– Choose the text, if you want to extract text from the image.

– Choose Translate, if you want to translate the text in the image.

– Choose Iranian search reverse image search.

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