India continues to work on the moon and plans for manned space flights

India continues to work on the lunar surface and space plans to fly in virtual space.

According to the website,Void“, plentiful SumanatPresident of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)ISRO), he said that the lander on the moon Chandrayaan 3 In the next stage, the final stage stage starts from the next stage.

And it sent the Indian Space message, “Explore, hunchback, thrust, because again, we’ve had a problem with that.”

a task Chandrayaan 2 For 2019 it included an orbiter, a lander and a lander.

Vehicle Vehicle Vehicle Vehicle Successfully crafted spacecraft vehicle.

A fishing accident with Chandrayaan 3، ISRO Probe modifications.

task recording Chandrayaan 3 Five of the new probe and vehicle in a rover Chandrayaan 2, which is expected to start from a subpolar landing site, and will operate from one lunar (14 Earth days) on the surface; Survive the lunar night.

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