International space today after days in space

The departure date of the International Space Agency’s Axiom-1 mission has been delayed due to persistent bad weather, now scheduled

That number is expected to be a batch of all spaceflights to ISS, Axiom-1 flying home today.

And spending computer weather conditions in outer space for their money, while delaying their departure from space due to weather conditions.

These weather conditions are atmospheric conditions. The next step will be taken to return to the Middle East.

Concluding a weather briefing at the spray site that triggered the landing on Saturday, April 23, the crew of Axiom Mission 1 (Ax-1) is now targeting exit from the International Space Station on Sunday.

The space surrounding the count, viewing the final image from a dome window, showing the surrounding space, resulting in enough space, causing a surprise appearance in the adjacent ocean to view on the two oceans, they released the opportunity to fly two hours separate Crew Dragon.

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