Predot never dies .. “Pokemon Go” has developed rapidly on smartphones

The developers of the famous computer game “Pokemon Go” are seeking to develop new games, goodbye to relying on characters for the games of the Japanese company Nintendo, until two years for games to continue playing in the smart game market, according to the UAE statement.

Niantic, the developer of the Pokemon Go game, released the new game for smart devices, Predot, which recalls the logo of the famous ancient game Tamagotchi.

Various forms of different character forms, different pictures of different characters, and Niantic’s company returned to the average level player will need two to three days to breed, the achievement.

Niantech was first successful in 2016 with millions of people pouring into the streets that can only be seen on their smartphones through booster technology.

The initial public tent for Pokemon Go has receded after a notice, although it indicates that there are still a group of active players playing it, and some of these players are still spending money on the Pokemon Go app, which means that Niantic continues to broadcast well.

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